Alexander Francois Loemans Artist Biography

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Alexander Francois Loemans was born in the Netherlands and obtained his artistic training in France. He eventually emigrated from Europe to North America and moved between America and Canada. He painted idyllic and romantic landscapes in Minnesota, New York, Manitoba, and Ontario. Some of his favorite locations were St. Anthony Falls in Minnesota and the Hudson River Valley in New York. His paintings show a strong influence from Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church. Like many of the Hudson River School Masters, Loemans spent time in the Andes painting romantic sweeping landscapes of the area. His paintings can be found in several important private and public collections including the Minnesota Historical Society, Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, New Brunswick Museum, and the Louisiana State Museum of Art.


  • 1816 – Born in Netherlands
  • Immigrated to North American and moved between Canada and America