Hiro Fine Art, LLC offers a variety of services related to fine art and antiques.


Acquisition and Consignment

We can offer you a fair price for your paintings and/or antiques in a completely discreet and professional manner. We also accept items on consignment if they are of high quality and fit with the galleries profile.

Sell Your Art


We can write you professional appraisals for insurance, estate, donation, and liquidation purposes.


Conservation and Restoration

Whether your artwork needs a simple cleaning or mending a tear we are here to ensure your treasure will be preserved for future generations.


Professional Fine Art Appraisals

Insurance Appraisal

Make sure your fine art and antiques are properly insured. Our professional appraisal reports are accepted by all insurance companies and are written in conformity with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Insurance Claim Appraisal

Whether you are an insurance adjuster or individual who suffered an asset loss we can write a insurance claim appraisal report for you. If the item was lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed we can properly value the item and/or collection.

Estate Appraisal

Our estate appraisal reports will help determine the equitable distribution of assets as well as federal and state tax liability.

Charitable Donation Appraisal

We will write an appraisal report that will ensure you receive a proper refund or deduction on your taxes from your donation to a charity.


Conservation Services

Hiro Fine Art is experienced in assessing and evaluating the condition of paintings, works on paper, sculptures, and objects and recommending necessary treatments. We work with the finest conservationists and oversee the entire process to ensure each object is handled properly.

The conservation process begins with a condition assessment consultation at our gallery. For a small fee, we can pick up the artworks from your home.

The artwork will then be professionally tested and analyzed by our conservationist and we will give you a detailed proposal outlining the different treatment options and time frames for completion.

When the conservation is completed you will come by our gallery to pick up the artwork and enjoy its beautiful new look.

We take the integrity of each artwork seriously and always look for ways to restore artworks in the most non-invasive manner to ensure that they will retain their value.