Alfred Gwynne Morang

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Alfred Morang was born in Maine and began studying art at the age of 16. Several artists would congregate around his hometown in Ellsworth, Maine and he was able to learn from these artists. His would later study at Fremond University, earning his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts where he was able to study under the American Impressionist artists Caroll Tyson and Henry Snell.

After being diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1938, Morang and his wife Dorothy Clark moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In New Mexico, Morang began to focus on painting. His began to receive acclaim and started the Transcendental Painting Group with Emil Bisstram, Raymond Johnson, and William Lumpkins. This groups primary focus was to convey spiritual elements into their paintings. They created a manifesto that stated their aim to “carry painting beyond the physical world..through new concepts of space, color, light and design to imaginative worlds that are idealistic and spiritual.


  • 1901 – Born in Maine
  • 1938 – Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico