Alonzo Hauser (1909-1988)

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Alonzo Hauser is a Minnesotan and Wisconsin artist known for his religious figure sculptures, drawings and watercolors. He was well respected in Minnesota, but gained national recognition and exhibited in many prestigious museums and galleries.

His fame came through his sculptures though he created thousands of drawings and watercolors as well as some silverpoints and paintings. His beloved sculptures were created through various materials such as stone, wood, plaster, terra cotta, bronze and wax bronze. They are seen throughout the landscape of the Twin Cities in places like Rice Park, on the facade of the St. Paul United Church of Christ, and on the Capital Grounds of St. Paul.

He was an important figure in the lives of his contemporaries and future artists. He not only taught at  the Layton School of Art In Milwaukee and Carleton College in Minnesota, but established the Macalester College Art Department. He taught his students in an apprenticeship manner, giving them real experience. He became very close with George Morrison, Walter Quirt and Cameron Booth who shared his interests and exchanged inspiration.