Anton Gag

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Anton Gag was Bohemian artist who practiced in New Ulm, Minnesota, He is known for his murals in public and private buildings and fathering the internationally recognized artist, Wanda Gag.

Born in 1859 in the Czech Republic, he settled in Minnesota in 1874. He found work with August Schells, founder of Schells Brewing. While Gag painted his estate, Schells became a mentor and sent Gag to art school in Milwaukee and Chicago. He then formed a partnership with Chris Heller and Alexander Schwendinger and continued to paint estates as well as the important buildings such as the ceiling of Holy Trinity Cathedral in New Ulm. The group was well known for their skills and often painted frescos, signs and paperhangings. Additionally, Gag continued to paint privately, creating Minnesota landscapes, portraits, and still-lives.

Though he made a modest living, he influenced several of his seven children to pursue art. Wanda became the most famous, achieving international success as an author and artist. Thier family home in New Ulm has been preserved as a historic home and museum, celebrating the family’s work, especially Wanda’s. During the restoration, many of Anton’s and his children’s beautiful murals have been uncovered.