Barton Stone Hays (1826-1914)

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Barton Stone Hays was born in Greenville, Ohio in 1826 and was a self taught artist who began painting portraits of people in Ohio. He gained notoriety for his paintings that depicted Uncle Toms Cabin. As an abolitionist, these paintings were done as a political statement.

Hays moved to Indianapolis in 1858 and partnered with a daguerreotypist named William Runnion.  He continued to paint portraits and was also a teacher at McLean’s Female Seminary and also teaching students privately. Hays was a well respected teacher and taught several well known artists such as William Merritt Chase.

In 1882, Barton Stone Hays moved to Minneapolis and began to focus on painting Still Life paintings. These paintings are his most well known compositions that feature realistic depictions of fruit and flowers set against minimally detailed backgrounds.


  • 1826 – Born in Greenville, Ohio
  • 1858 – Moved to Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Taught William Merritt Chase
  • 1882 – Moved to Minneapolis