Carl Wendell Rawson (1884-1970)

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Carl Rawson was born in Van Meter, Iowa in 1884 and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He was considered incredibly athletic growing up. He pitched for several baseball teams and would later become a champion amateur golfer. Rawson began his artistic studies at the Cummings School of Art. He later moved to Minneapolis where he studied at the Minneapolis School of Art and also spent some time in New York studying at the National Academy of Design. Rawson was an accomplished landscape and portrait painter. He received numerous commissions from civic and educational leaders in Minnesota and Iowa.

Rawson began his career as a cartoonist for the Minneapolis Tribune and left in 1915. After leaving the Tribune he became a full time artist. His landscapes were frequently featured in newspapers and magazines. Rawson passed away in Minneapolis in 1970.


  • 1884 – Born in Van Meter, Iowa
  • Studied at the Cummings School of Art
  • Worked as cartoonist for the Minneapolis Tribune