Charles Green Shaw

Hiro Fine Art is interested in purchasing artwork by Charles Shaw.

Charles Green Shaw was born to wealthy parents in New York City in 1892. His parents passed away at an early age and we was raised by his uncle. In his early years, Charles Green Shaw was an accomplished writer for Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Sound Set. He would write about the theater and cafes furthering his interest in the arts. Shaw graduated from Yale University  and studied at the Art Students League under George Luks. Luks would remain and friend and mentor to Shaw throughout his life.

Shaw didn’t dedicate himself to painting until he traveled to Europe from 1929-1932. While in Europe, Shaw was able to capture the different forms of abstraction and adopted a cubist style with strong architectural themes. He would have several exhibitions in New York and Europe and was soon introduced to Albert Eugene Gallatin. Gallatin was the founder of the Gallery of Living Art at New York University. Shaw would exhibit at the Gallery and was called a Park Avenue Cubist along with Gallatin and George L.K. Morris. They would travel to Paris and hold several important exhibitions such as the Five Contemporary Concretionists which also featured artworks by Alexander Calder and Charles Biederman.

The style of painting for Charles Green Shaw evolved to have a stronger emphasis on surface texture in the 1950s. His paintings were more expressive and featured strong horizontal elements which were influenced by the Nantucket vistas. In the 1960s, Shaw’s paintings became very bold and expressionistic. He worked with the Abstract Expressionist and featured strong, slashing brushstrokes to his art. Shaw’s paintings can be found in several major museums such as the Whitney Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Hiro Fine Art is interested in purchasing paintings by Charles Green Shaw.


  • 1892 – Born in New York City, New York
  • Graduated from Yale University and studied at the Art Students League
  • Exhibited throughout New York and Europe
  • Had Five Contemporary Concretionists exhibition in Paris, France