Elisabeth Augusta Chant (1865-1947)

Hiro Fine Art is interested in purchasing artworks by Elisabeth Chant.

Elisabeth Augusta Chant was born in Yeovil, Somerset England in 1865 to James Chant who was a merchant for the Asian spice trade. As a sea merchant, James Chant would bring her along for voyages throughout Asia as a young girl. Her family emigrated to the United States in 1873 with her father accepting a job with the Northern Pacific Railroad. Numerous relatives and residents of Yeovil would settle in an area in Minnesota which was initially called Yeovil Colony and later named Hawley, Minnesota.

Her father, James Chant would later open a meat market in Minneapolis, Minnesota which become their home for several years. Elisabeth Chant became a nurse with the Minneapolis Red Cross for the Spanish American War. She did an extended tour of England and wrote articles for the The Minneapolis Journal. After the War, Chant returned to Minneapolis and trained as an artist. She became involved in the Art and Crafts movement and rented a studio in Minneapolis. She painted murals throughout the Twin Cities and helped organize the Minneapolis Artists’ League and its Handicraft Guild.

Elisabeth Chant lived an eccentric lifestyle which became a concern for her family in 1917. Her family had her arrested and committed to a hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Chant had experienced several emotional incidents during this time. Her  best friend, Margarethe Heisser and several relatives had recently passed away. After Chant was released she continued as an artist and traveled throughout Asia. She would later return to the United States and settle in Wilmington, North Carolina. She stayed there for the rest of her life.

Hiro Fine Art is interested in purchasing artworks by Elisabeth Augusta Chant.


  • 1865 – Born in Yeovil, Somerset England
  • 1873 – Emigrated to the United States
  • Became a nurse with the Minneapolis Red Cross
  • Rented an artist studio in Minneapolis
  • 1917 – Family had her committed to a mental hospital
  • Moved to Wilmington, North Carolina