Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)

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Born in St Paul, Minnesota in 1914, Gil Elvgren was highly influenced by pop culture and commercial arts. Through producing over 500 images of pin-up girls throughout his career, Elvgren was able to master composition, technique and color to create fine art pieces that were the envy of illustrators. His pieces capture the post war feel of America through painting the “girl-next-door.” He emphasized their enthusiastic facial expressions, defined their curves, and lengthened their legs to add to their sensual charm. His women had personality and class as they epitomized the All American Girl. Though his work is regarded as high art, he was commissioned by many companies such as Coca-Cola, Schlitz Beer, The Saturday Evening Post, and Napa Auto Parts. His ideal female paintings were of great influence on later artists. He died in 1980 in Florida.