Giorgio Cavallon (1904-1989)

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Giorgio Cavallon was an abstract expressionist, known for his precision in color. Born in Venice in 1904, Cavallon’s family farmed in the countryside and he created a close connection with the earth. Though his work is abstracted, its luminous qualities reflect the sensations Venice and the freshness of nature. He worked on canvases with boldly colored rectangles, whose edges became softened and irregular. The shapes had a sense of lightness as they overlapped and danced around each other. Yet, they filled the painting with weight, playing with the viewer’s perception. He used many colors in one piece but was able to create strong relationships between them, achieving unity and a sense of euphoria.

He was a founding member of the American Abstract Artists group and befriended many artists, who described him as self-reliant. He was known for not only creating his own paints by grounding pigments and adding oil, but for creating his own furniture and appliances, working with cars and was a wonderful chef with recipes appearing in the New York Times. He had many exhibitions in major art institutions and received recognition for his work until his death in 1989.