Clement Haupers (1900-1982)

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Clement Haupers was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist. He worked for the railway and used his travel privileges to frequently visit the Art Institute of Chicago. Haupers saved his money and was eventually able to enroll at the Minneapolis School of Art and he also joined the Art Students League of St. Paul. Clement Haupers was able to meet Clara Mairs at the Art Students League and they would go on to form a long lasting relationship with each other.

Clara Mairs was twenty-two years older than Clement Haupers, but they shared an incredibly strong relationship. They created several different forms of decorative art objects which included wall hangings, screens, and draperies and sold these throughout the Twin Cities.

In 1923, they both went on to study in Paris, France under Cubist painter Andre Lhote and the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.  Haupers learned a great deal about form and composition from Lhote, incorporating the lessons into his own artwork throughout his career. While in Europe with Mairs, they also traveled to Italy and Algiers and were exposed to several different artistic styles.

Haupers and Mairs returned to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1925 and established a studio. She owned a cabin Cloverton, Minnesota where they spent a lot of time painting en plein air. In 1928, they briefly returned to Paris to study printmaking under George Gorvel.

In 1929, Haupers and Mairs settled permanently in St. Paul, Minnesota in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood. He taught at the St. Paul School of Art where one of his students was LeRoy Neiman. In 1935, Haupers was appointed the regional director of the New Deal Federal Art Project in Minnesota and went to Washington DC to work as an assistant the the National Director, Holger Cahill. Haupers worked in this role for a few months and returned to St. Paul in 1943 to be with Clara Mairs.


  • 1900 – Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • 1923 – Studied in Paris with Clara Mairs
  • 1925 – Returned to Saint Paul and opened an art studio
  • 1935 – Appointed regional director of the New Deal Federal Art Project in Minnesota