John Singer Sargent (1856-1925)

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Born in 1856 to New England parents in Florence, painter John Singer Sargent was a leading portrait and figure painter In the United States and England and achieved leadership in elevating watercolor as a respected medium for finished works. He studied with landscape painter Carl Welsch, the Accademia di Belle Art, Florence, the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and with Carolus Duran. After leaving Paris due to a controversial portrait, he permanently settled in London. Sargent gained notoriety through portrait painting in London and the United States. His portraits combined realism with a freedom of style.

Sargent embraced a modern approach to technique, color, and form through fluid techniques. Following painted portraits, he switched to charcoal portrait sketches and painted murals. At age sixty-two, he joined the War Artists Memorial Committee of the British Ministry of Information and fearlessly began recording battle scenes and military figures in oil and charcoal in France. Sargent formed a relationship with Claude Monet, and both painters purchased works from each other; in fact, Monet hung several of Sargent’s paintings in his bedroom. In his later career, Sargent had a compulsion to sketch his surroundings. He chose to focus on Impressionist watercolors of European genre scenes and plein air landscapes in extended painting trips in Europe, before passing away in London in 1925.