Walter Quirt (1902-1968)

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Walter Quirt was born in Iron River, Michigan in 1902. After high school, Quirt moved to Wisconsin and studied at the Layton School of Art from 1921 until 1923. He continued his artistic studies at the McDowell Colony in New Hampshire in 1928. He moved to New York City and was a part of the new avant garde art movements of New York.  He painted heavily surrealistic pictures and was also known for his murals that he painted for the Works Project Administration. Quirt was an incredibly socially aware artist that painted realistic scenes of social injustices. He was involved in radical artists groups and identified with socialist causes.

Water Quirt took a teaching job at the University of Minnesota from 1956-1968 and lived the rest of his life in Minneapolis. He had a successful retrospective of his work in 1960 at the American Federation of Arts. He also exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, and the Detroit Institute of Arts.


  • 1902-Born in Iron River, Michigan
  • Studied at the Layton School of Art
  • Studied at the McDowell Colony in New Hampshire
  • Moved to New York City
  • 1956 – Moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to teach at the University of Minnesota