Werner Drewes (1899-1985)

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Werner Drewes was born in Canig, Germany, in 1899. He studied architecture and design in Germany before studying at the Bauhaus in 1921. While at the Bauhaus, Drewes was able to study with Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

In 1930, Drewes immigrated with his family to New York City. Kandinsky would introduce Drewes to Katherine Dreier, founder of the Societe Anonyme. She would include Drewes in several exhibitions and was a friend and patron of the artist. While in New York City, Drewes taught drawing and printmaking at the Brooklyn Museum and Columbia University. He would become one of the founders of the American Abstract Artists Group with George L.K. Morris, Ilya Bolotowsky, and Burgoyne Diller.

Werner Drewes went on to teaching  at the School of Fine Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. He spent 20 years teaching there and moved to Pennsylvania and Virginia.


  • 1878 – Born in Canig, Germany
  • 1921 – Studied as the Bauhaus
  • 1930 – Immigrated to New York City
  • Taught at the Brooklyn Museum and Columbia University
  • Founder of American Abstract Artists Group