William Saltzman (1916-2006)

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William Saltzman was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1916. He exhibited his art at the Minnesota State Fair beginning in 1936. Throughout his life, Saltzman was almost always involved in all facets of art. He created stained glass windows, was a sculptor, painter, and was experienced in using all different types of mediums.

During World War II, Saltzman worked for the US Goverment as a camouflage advisor. This position was frequently occupied by artists, so Saltzman was able to use his training and expertise in art to help with war efforts. In 1948, Saltzman became the director of the Rochester Arts Community. He fostered the strong and developing artists communities in southeastern Minnesota. During this time, Saltzman also participated in several regional and national exhibitions to showcase his work.

William Saltzman moved back to the Twin Cities and began teaching at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He retired in 1985 and continued to create wonderful abstract paintings until his death in 2006.


  • 1916 – Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1936 – Began exhibiting at the Minnesota State Fair
  • 1936 – Began working for the US Government as a camouflage advisor
  • 1948 – Became director of the Rochester Artists Community